Minimalism is often described as having a certain amount of items, white walls, and constant limitation. However, that's not me at all. I'm here to show you the real journey of a real person on her minimalist journey.

Hey there. I'm Christina aka C. N. Sloan. I recently became a minimalist after suffering from extreme stress and burnout in my life and the results already have been profound. I'm all about intentional living through minimalism and if documenting my journey and sharing my insights can help someone else live a more intentional life, then my heart will be happy.


Thank You For Checking Out My Journey!


Living more with less

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Everything you need to know about minimalism. Tips on getting started, tricks I've learned along the way, and more!


I'm a huge foodie! And, also big on intuitive eating. Here you can find recipes, cooking & kitchen tips and tricks, best places to eat, and more.


Here's where you can find all the rest! Everything from my traveling, living zero-waste, motivational posts, and everything else about how I continue to live more with less.